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NIM updater service "nim:u"[edit]

Command Header Description
0x00010000 StartNetworkUpdate
0x00020000 GetProgress (GetUpdateDownloadProgress)
0x00030000 Cancel
0x00040000 CommitSystemTitles (FinishTitlesInstall)
0x00050000 GetBackgroundEventForMenu (This obtains an event handle. Home Menu will check whether a system update is available when this event is triggered.)
0x00060000 GetBackgroundEventForNews
0x00070000 FormatSaveData (This deletes and recreates the system save data 0x0001002C (NIM System SaveData))
0x00080000 GetCustomerSupportCode
0x00090000 IsCommittableAllSystemTitles (CheckSysupdateAvailable)
0x000A0000 GetBackgroundProgress (GetState)
0x000B0000 GetSavedHash (GetSystemTitleHash)
0x000C0082 UnregisterTask
0x000D0080 IsRegistered
0x000E0080 FindTaskInfo
0x000F0042 GetTaskInfos
0x00100000 DeleteUnmanagedContexts

I'm not sure if these commands header exist...

Command Header Description
0x00110000 ?
0x00130000 ?
0x00140000 ?
0x00150000 ?
0x00170042 ?
0x00180080 ?
0x00250000 ?
0x00260200 ?
0x00270000 ?
0x00280000 ?
0x00290246 RegisterTask
0x002A0000 ?
0x002B0000 ?
0x002C0000 ?
0x002D00C0 ?
0x00480002 ?

NIM server service "nim:s"[edit]

Command Header Description
0x00010200 StartDownloadSimple
0x00020000 CancelDownload
0x00030000 GetProgress
0x00050082 UnregisterTask
0x00060080 IsTaskRegistered
0x000A0000 CheckSysupdateAvailableSOAP
0x000B0084 SetAttribute
0x0016020A ListTitles
0x00220080 AccountDeleteTitleETicketsSOAP. The SOAP request is sent only after the ticket for the specified titleID has been successfully deleted.
0x00290000 AccountCheckBalanceSOAP
0x002D0042 DownloadTickets
0x003C0002 RegisterSelf
0x003F0000 GetInitializeResult. Checks whether nim is properly initialized or not. If it is not, the result code returned is non-zero.
0x00420240 StartDownload
0x00550246 RegisterTask
0x00570082 ConnectNoTicketDownload

NIM server service "nim:aoc"[edit]

Command Header Description
0x00030042 SetApplicationId
0x00040042 SetTin
0x000902D0 ListContentSetsEx
0x00180000 GetBalance
0x001D0000 GetCustomerSupportCode
0x00210000 Initialize
0x00240282 CalculateContentsRequiredSize
0x00250000 RefreshServerTime

NIM service "nim:ndm"[edit]

kagiya server[edit]

The nim system module communicates with a server called kagiya ( or for development units). It provides the 9.6 crypto seed in binary form for any given title ID under (HTTPS), where %16llx is the title ID and %s is a country code as used in the eShop.


NIM module only uses CheckNew3DS for determining what heap sizes to use, in two functions. One is for the size of the 0x08000000 vmem heap, the other is probably for some buffer allocated on that heap. The New3DS version of these sizes are 0x1C000-bytes larger than the Old3DS sizes here.

HTTPS requests[edit]

Trusted RootCAs[edit]

During startup NIM-module creates two RootCertChains with HTTPC. Both of these only contain the same default cert with ID 0x3. The first RootCertChain is used with NetUpdateSOAP. Requests such as the "notifications.json" page don't use these RootCertChains(in this case just default certID 0xB is used).



There are exactly 3 types of network SOAP requests used with NetUpdateSOAP by NIM module, described below. This URL contained in NIM module itself is only used with GetSystemTitleHash. The other requests use an identical URL loaded from an ECommerceSOAP response instead.

See also here.


Returns the current sysupdate title-listing. This also contains the SystemTitleHash returned by GetSystemTitleHash.


Returns the current SystemTitleHash for the current sysupdate title-listing.


Returns the Base64-encoded cetk for each specified TitleId entry.

This is only used when installing new titles. This means with CDN system-updates, tickets are never installed except when a title is being installed for the first time. For example, a system on the latest system-version that was only ever updated via CDN has the same NATIVE_FIRM ticket installed from the factory.

Sysupdate checking process[edit]

This section describes the process used when checking whether a sysupdate is required.

First the GetSystemTitleHash SOAP request is done. Then the SystemTitleHash in savedata hash.dat is compared with the received one. If they match and the SystemTitleHash flag is set to value 0x03, it will immediately return that no sysupdate is required. Otherwise it will start the GetSystemUpdate SOAP request handling.

The GetSystemUpdate SOAP request contains a titlelist of all NAND system-titles. For GetSystemUpdate response parsing, it compares each SOAP title_entry with the NAND system titlelist. If a SOAP titleID isn't found in the NAND titlelist, this means NAND is missing a new title and hence a sysupdate is required for installing that title. If a NAND title_entry-version is less than the SOAP title_entry-version, this means the title needs updated and hence a sysupdate is required.

At least one <TitleVersion> entry with valid data in the GetSystemUpdate response is required.

The titleIDs sent in the GetSystemUpdate SOAP request are decimal, while the titleIDs in the response are hex.

NIM System_SaveData[edit]


Offset Size Description
0x60 0x1 u8 flag used with the SystemTitleHash. 0x01 = latest sysupdate isn't installed as of last SOAP requests, 0x03 = latest sysupdate is installed as of last SOAP requests.
0x61 0x21 ASCII hex SystemTitleHash, including NUL-terminator. This is the latest SystemTitleHash which NIM module received from SOAP.



Value Description
0 Initial installation
1 Unknown
2 Unknown
3 Reinstallation


Value Description
0 Not initialized
1 Download initialized
2 Downloading, verifying and installing TMD
3 Initializing save data
4 Downloading and installing contents
5 Waiting before calling AM:CommitImportPrograms
6 Running AM:CommitImportPrograms
7 Title installation finished
8 Unknown error regarding title version
9 Creating the .ctx file (or error doing so)?
10 Irrecoverable error encountered


Offset Length Description
0x0 0x8 Title ID
0x8 0x4 Title version
0xC 0x4 Unknown (always 0)
0x10 0x1 Age rating for the HOME Menu parental controls
0x11 0x1 Media Type
0x12 0x2 Padding
0x14 0x4 Unknown (always 0?)


Offset Length Description
0x0 0x4 Download State
0x4 0x4 Last result code in NIM related to the installation
0x8 0x8 Amount of bytes that have been downloaded
0x10 0x8 Total bytes that need to be downloaded