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This page describes the PXI commands for TWL_FIRM/AGB_FIRM.

Command Header Available since system version Description
0x0001.... 1.0.0-0 Shuts down LgyP9, puts ARM9 into a while(1) svcSleepThread(1*1000*1000); loop at the end of main()
0x00020080 1.0.0-0 PrepareArm9ForTwl(u64 application_titleID) This launches the specified TWL title.
0x00030080 1.0.0-0 PrepareArm9ForAgb(u64 application_titleID) This launches the specified GBA VC title. On success, returns u64 GBA VC title exeFS .code length in cmdbuf[2].
0x00040080 1.0.0-0 Process9 will eventually wait for the ARM11 to send this command, see here. The command input parameters are not used.
0x00050040 1.0.0-0 (u8 unk) Does some lowlevel sd/emmc register setting (different for unk=0 and unk=1). If unk=1, sets a flag, code ran during the pxi main-func loop detects this and calls svcKernelSetState(2,0).
0x0006.... 1.0.0-0 (DateTime datetimetoset,u8 shouldRead) - Sets the P9 date/time (calling the same function used by cmd 0xA for this), then reads (if shouldRead is not 0) or writes (if shouldRead is 0) ARM7_RTC_LO/HI registers to or from agbsave_in_ram+0x60. AgbBg doesn't appear to use this command at all.
0x0007.... 1.0.0-0 Returns u8, IsSdCardInserted maybe?
0x0008.... 1.0.0-0 Stubbed, returns 0xE0C0EC03...
0x0009.... 1.0.0-0 Stubbed, returns 0xE0C0EC03...
0x000A.... 1.0.0-0 Sets Process9's internal date/time, see below.
0x000B0240 1.0.0-0 This is used for TWL initialization, prior to using command 0x00020080. Arguments: u8 <2 if card, else 3>, u8 <bit 1 from firmlaunchparams+0x460>, u64 tid, u8 bannerHmac[0x14]
0x000C0800 1.0.0-0 This writes the input 0x80-byte ASCII data to nand:/rw/sys/lgy.log.

This PXI service seems to be based on Development Services PXI. Commands 0x8 and 0x9 in both are stubbed with the same function (returns 0xE0C0EC03), commands that seem useless under NATIVE_FIRM have a purpose on legacy FIRMs (command 0xC does some "unnecessary copying to stack" on NATIVE_FIRM, but this same copy (0x80-bytes) is used to write to lgy.log on legacy FIRMs), and commands that are essential (and only useful) on legacy FIRMs (0x2 and 0x3) are stubbed completely on NATIVE_FIRM.

Command 0x2[edit]

This does the following:

  • Waits for an u8 state field to become non-zero.
  • Clears DSi memory, etc.
  • Loads the DS(i) application specified by the command request titleID. If this fails, it immediately returns the error for this.
  • Initializes the DSi memory at 0x02fe7000 and 0x02fffc00.
  • Loads the TWL launcher located at physical address 0x27C00000, which was written there by the TwlBg ARM11 process.
  • Loads the TWL bootloader, see here.
  • Initializes DSi memory/keys, 0x10018000 registers, etc.
  • Writes value 0x3 to REG_BOOTENV, and value 0x1 to an u8 state field.
  • Uses svcSignalEvent, then returns.

Command 0xA[edit]

This takes 3 arguments, which are the following structure packed into 12 bytes (no padding):

s32 year;
s8 month;
s8 day;
s8 day_of_week; // Sunday = 0, up to Saturday = 6
s8 hour;
s8 minute;
s8 second;
s16 ms;

This should be the current date/time (AgbBg seems to get it from MCU); it's converted from this structure into milliseconds, and saved into .data. Another .data variable is set from svcGetSystemTick by this command, and another function in (LGY) P9 essentially does return date_time_set_from_this_command + ticks_to_ms(svcGetSystemTick() - systemtick_from_this_command); to get the current date&time.