Kernel ABI

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Inputs are read from registers starting from r0 and outputs are written back to the same registers (also starting with r0).

ID Name Inputs Outputs
0x01 ControlMemory

r0: MemoryOperation operation
r1: u32 addr0
r2: u32 addr1
r3: u32 size
r4: MemoryPermission permissions

r0: Result
r1: u32 addr_out

0x02 QueryMemory

r2?: u32 addr

r0: Result
r1: u32 base_process_virtual_address
r2: u32 size
r3: MemoryPermission permission
r4: MemoryState state
r5: PageFlags page_flags

0x03 ExitProcess None None
0x04 GetProcessAffinityMask

r0: [out] u8* affinitymask
r1: Handle process
r2: s32 processorcount

r0: Result

0x04 SetProcessAffinityMask

r0: Handle process
r1: [in] u8* affinitymask
r2: s32 processorcount

r0: Result

0x05 GetProcessIdealProcessor

r1?: Handle process

r0: Result
r1: s32 processorid

0x24 WaitSynchronization1

r0: Handle handle
r2-r3: s64 timeout

r0: Result

0x1B SetTimer Timer handle, initial_low, interval_low, initial_high, interval_high Result
0x2D ConnectToPort  ??, pointer to port name Result, handle to KClientSession
0x32 SendSyncRequest handle to KClientSession Result