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File format[edit]

The file consists out of a 0x200 big header (though the actual header is only 0x30 bytes, the rest is zerofilled), plus data whose size is indicated in the header.


Offset Size Description
0x0 0x4 Magic "CCAL"
0x4 0x4 Version
0x8 0x4 Data size, always 0x7D0
0xC 0x1 Model version (?)
0xD 0x1 CAL revision (incremented each time the CAL file is updated)
0xE 0x2 Bitmask of successful Aging tests
0x10 0x20 Signature of the data section.

HMACSHA256 is used always except in the below cases where SHA256 is used:

 - devunits
 - the SNAKE counterparts of the above
0x30 0x1D0 Zerofilled, padding for the 512byte block size

Aging masks[edit]

Bit Description
1 LCD "flicker"/contrast (always successful)
2 Camera
3 Touch panel (always successful)
4 Circle pad (analog stick)
5 Codec
6 Gyroscope
8 Accelerometer
9 Surround
A Adaptive BackLight (ABL)
B 3D screen (ULCD)
C Backlight PWM
D Analog stick A (???)
E Camera extensions
F Adaptive BackLight (ABL) in legacy (DSi/GBA) mode

Data blocks[edit]

Offset Size ConfigInfoBlk Since version Description
0x00 0x10 0x00040000 Touch panel
0x14 0x08 ??? Circle pad
0x20 2* 0x00050000 Display panel contrast
0x24 1* 0x00010000 RTC
0x28 1* 0x00030000 DSPRAM related
0x30 0x8A ??? Camera position
0xBC 0x12 0x00040002 Gyroscope
0xD0 0xC 0x00040003 Accelerometer
0xE0 0x134 0x00020000 ??? Codec
0x218 0x06 0x00050007 0x10 Programmable Infrared Transmitter (PIT)
0x220 0x214 0x00070000 0x7 3D filters
0x440 0x20 0x00050003 0x8 Adaptive BackLight / Power saving mode
0x470 0x20 0x00050005 0xA ???
0x4A0 0x38 0x00050002 0xB Backlight PWM
0x4E0 0x18 ??? Circle pad extra
0x500 0xC ??? ???
0x510 0x20 0x00050004 0x8 ???
0x540 0x08 0x00120000 0x7 MCU
0x550 0x02 0x00050006 0x9 3D screen (ULCD) delay
0x560 0x08 0x00070002 0xD Microphone echo cancellation
0x570 0x10C 0x00050008 0xF Power saving mode (ABL) extra
0x680 0x08 0x00040004 0xF CStick (Right stick)
0x690 0x18 0x00180001 0x12 Quad Tracking Module (QTM)

Data block formats[edit]


Used for mapping touch ADC values to display pixel co-ordinates.

[4096, 4096] --> [320, 240]

[RawX, RawY] --> [PointX, PointY]

Usually [PointX0, PointY0] is placed around 25% from the top-left corner, and the same for [PointX1, PointY1] except 25% from the bottom-right corner. This offsetting is needed because the touch film starts to distort outside of that rectangle, which would skew the touch results near the center of the screen.

Offset Declaration
0x00 s16 RawX0
0x02 s16 RawY0
0x04 s16 PointX0
0x06 s16 PointY0
0x08 s16 RawX1
0x0A s16 RawY1
0x0C s16 PointX1
0x0E s16 PointY1

Circle pad[edit]

Contains the centering position of the circle pad. For other circle pad settings, see circle pad extra.

Offset Declaration Description
0x00 s16 CenterX Raw analog values corresponding to zero input position
0x02 s16 CenterY

Screen flicker[edit]

These values are written to MCU register 0x03 and 0x04 respectively. They both set the display contrast voltage.

Offset Declaration Description
0 u8 FlickerTop Contrast voltage
1 u8 FlickerBottom
2* Inline checksum Checksum low byte, NOT THIS[0]
3* Checksum high byte, THIS[1]


Offset Declaration Description
0 u8 CompensationValue (???)
1* Checksum byte, NOT THIS[0]

Camera position[edit]

Offset Declaration
0x00 u32 flags
0x04 float scale
0x08 float RotationZ
0x0C float TranslationX
0x10 float TranslationY
0x14 float RotationX
0x18 float RotationY
0x1C float ViewAngleRight
0x20 float ViewAngleLeft
0x24 float ChartDistance(???)
0x28 float CameraDistance
0x2C s16 ImageWidth
0x2E s16 ImageHeight
0x30 u8 reserved[0x10]
0x40 u8 ???[0x40]
0x80 s16 aeBaseTarget(???)
0x82 s16 kRL
0x84 s16 kGL
0x86 s16 kBL
0x88 s16 ccmPosition


Offset Declaration
0x00 s16 ZeroX
0x02 s16 PlusX
0x04 s16 MinusX
0x06 s16 ZeroY
0x08 s16 PlusY
0x0A s16 MinusY
0x0C s16 ZeroZ
0x0E s16 PlusZ
0x10 s16 MinusZ


Offset Declaration
0x00 s16 OffsetX
0x02 s16 ScaleX
0x04 s16 OffsetY
0x06 s16 ScaleY
0x08 s16 OffsetZ
0x0A s16 ScaleZ


Offset Declaration Description
0x00 u8 DriverGainHP Headphone gain
0x01 u8 DriverGainSP Speaker gain
0x02 u8 AnalogVolumeHP
0x03 u8 AnalogVolumeSP
0x04 s8 ShutterVolume[2]
0x06 u8 MicrophoneBias Capacitive microphone bias voltage
0x07 u8 QuickCharge (???)
0x08 u8 PGA_GAIN ??? (microphone gain)
0x09 u8 reserved[3]
0x0C s16 FilterHP32[3*5] Headphone filter for 32728.49Hz sampling rate
0x2A s16 FilterHP47[3*5] Headphone filter for 47605Hz sampling rate
0x48 s16 FilterSP32[3*5] Speaker filter for 32728.49Hz sampling rate
0x66 s16 FilterSP47[3*5] Speaker filter for 47605Hz sampling rate
0x84 s16 FilterMic32[(1+2)+((1+4)*5)] Microphone filter for 32728.49Hz sampling rate
0xBC s16 FilterMic47[(1+2)+((1+4)*5)] Microphone filter for 47605Hz sampling rate
0xF4 s16 FilterFree[(1+2)+((1+4)*5)] Unknown
0x12C u8 AnalogInterval
0x12D u8 AnalogStabilize
0x12E u8 AnalogPrecharge
0x12F u8 AnalogSense
0x130 u8 AnalogDebounce
0x131 u8 Analog_XP_Pullup
0x132 u8 YM_Driver ??? (circle-pad or touch panel related?)
0x133 u8 reserved


Offset Declaration
0x00 u16 VisibleFactor
0x02 u16 IRFactor

3D filters[edit]

Offset Declaration
0x00 u16 SpecialFilter[0x100]
0x200 u32 IIRSurroundFilter[5]


Offset Declaration
0x00 u32 DitherPattern
0x04 s16 StartX
0x06 s16 StartY
0x08 u16 SizeX
0x0A u16 SizeY
0x0C s16 GTH_Ratio
0x0E u8 DitherMode
0x0F u8 MinRS
0x10 u8 MaxRS
0x11 u8 MinGTH
0x12 u8 MinMax (???)
0x13 u8 ExMax (???)
0x14 u8 inertia
0x15 u8 LutListRS[9]
0x1E u8 reserved[2]


Offset Declaration
0x00 float coefficient[3][3]
0x24 u8 NumLevels
0x25 u8 padding
0x26 u16 brightnesses[7];
0x34 u16 BaseDivisor
0x36 u16 MinimumBrightnessHw

Circle pad extra[edit]

Offset Declaration
0x00 float ScaleX
0x04 float ScaleY
0x08 s16 MaxX
0x0A s16 MinX
0x0C s16 MaxY
0x0E s16 MinY
0x10 s16 type
0x12 u8 unknown_padding[6]


Somewhat misleading, these values are actually used for clamping the MCU's raw slider readings to comprehensible values.

Offset Declaration Description
0x00 s16 SVR2_Min Raw 3D volume slider values <= this map to 3D slider value 0.0
0x02 s16 SVR2_Max Raw 3D volume slider values >= this map to 3D slider value 1.0
0x04 s16 VolumeSliderMin Written to MCU reg 0x58. Volume slider values <= this map to volume value 0x00
0x06 s16 VolumeSliderMax Written to MCU reg 0x59. Volume slider values >= this map to volume value 0x3F

ULCD delay[edit]

There is a delay between switching the parallax barrier, and adjusting the backlight. These delay values determine how many VBlank events to wait on before switching the backlight curves to the appropriate mode.

This is needed only to prevent epillepsy from analog jitter causing unwanted mode switches, and both values are usually always set to 1 or 2.

Offset Declaration
0x00 u8 To2D
0x01 u8 To3D

Microphone echo cancel[edit]

Offset Declaration
0x00 s8 params[8]

ABL extra[edit]

Offset Declaration
0x00 u8 MaxInertia
0x01 u8 pad
0x02 u16 PWM_CNT_EX
0x04 u32 Histogram1
0x08 u32 Histogram2
0x0C u32 adjust[0x40]


Offset Declaration
0x00 u8 ThinningCountX(???)
0x01 u8 ThinningCountY(???)
0x02 u16 reserved[3]


Offset Declaration
0x00 float DivisorAtZero (???)
0x04 float TranslationX
0x08 float TranslationY
0x0C float RotationZ
0x10 float HorizontalAngle
0x14 float OptimalDistance


If 0x1FF81006 is 3 or 4 or 7 or 8 or 9 then the callibration data is read from the EEPROM using the i2c:EEP service command 0x001000C0, using offset 0x000 for HWCAL0, and offset 0x800 for HWCAL1. Otherwise attempt is made to read CTRNAND:/ro/sys/HWCAL(0|1).dat instead.