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Index Word Description
0 Header code [0x00010100]
1 MediaType
2-3 Title ID
4 SpecialContentType


Index Word Description
0 Header code [0x00010040]
1 Result code


If a content is not already locked, this stores the provided parameters in the service's data structure and increments global counters for locked SD card and game card titles based on the media type. If an update title is available for the provided application, the appropriate counter will be incremented as well based on its media type. This also calls into some FS service functions in the range 0x870-0x878 with currently unknown purpose.

If a content is already locked, error C8A12406 will be returned.

If the ns:c session is closed, UnlockSpecialContent will be called internally to clean up the locked content.

This is used by the Instruction Manual applet, and is likely related to triggering SD/Game Card removal errors when ejecting the media the manual is stored on.