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This is the Miiverse system-applet which can be launched via Home Menu / etc(process-name is "olv").

Before doing any network requests at all, Miiverse starts the mint library-applet for NNID network requests. Hence, if a sysupdate is required Miiverse would halt here without sending any network requests itself.

Then Miiverse uses HTTPC for requesting https://discovery.olv.nintendo.net/v1/endpoint, which then returns what domains to use afterwards(there's "portal_host" and "n3ds_host" tags but the tags' value are the same). This seems to be the only time Miiverse itself uses HTTPC.

Then it starts loading the Miiverse-browser(WebKit) for accessing the domain(s) specified above(with applet-side TLS/etc like the main browser).