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This is used for 3DS<>DS(i) local-WLAN communications, via the DS<>DS wifi protocol.

See also here.

MP service "mp:u"[edit]

Command Header Available since system-version Description
0x00010040 GetHandle
0x00020000 Initialize
0x00030000 Shutdown
0x000400C0 Bind
0x00050042 SetBeaconData
0x00060000 Used prior to MP:Shutdown.
0x00070042 SetAppData
0x00080040 (s8 unk) Writes the input value into state as an u16, etc.
0x00090040 (u16 unk) ?
0x000A0000 Unknown. Writes the output u16 to cmdreply[2].
0x000B0000 Unknown. Writes the output u32 to cmdreply[2].
0x000C0000 Unknown. Writes the output u32 to cmdreply[2].
0x000D00C2 ?
0x000E0084 ?
0x000F00C2 ?
0x00100000 ?
0x00110080 RecvDataFrame
0x00120082 ?
0x00130040 (u32 unk) ?
0x001400C2 SendDataFrame


This is an u32 value where the intended range is <16. It's unknown whether this is for nodes or some sessionID.