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Index Word Description
0 Header code [0x00050200]
1 Screen ID: 0=main, 1=sub
2-8 Framebuffer info structure


Index Word Description
0 Header code
1 Result code

Framebuffer info structure[edit]

Index Word Description
0 Active framebuffer: 0=first, 1=second
1 Framebuffer virtual address, for the main screen this is the 3D left framebuffer
2 For the main screen: 3D right framebuffer address
3 Value for 0x1EF00X90, controls framebuffer width
4 Framebuffer format, this u16 is written to the low u16 for LCD register 0x1EF00X70.
5 Value for 0x1EF00X78, controls which framebuffer is displayed
6 "Attribute" (can be zero?)


This sets GSP state for the LCD framebuffers, and other state as well. When the value of LCD register 0x1EF00X54 is >0x54, the GSP state for the specified screenID is immediately written to the LCD registers. This command should only be used when directly writing to the framebuffers, otherwise when rendering to the framebuffers with the GPU the framebuffer info stored in GSP shared memory should be used instead.