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This is the 3DS version of the DSi Flipnote Studio application. At the time of writing this is only available in JPN, this 3DS application also ships with the launch JPN New_3DS.

This also supports local-WLAN comms, for only 3DS<>3DS.

All Internet comms are done with HTTPS.

SD data[edit]

The application settings are stored in the savedata. However, the rest like the DSi application is stored on SD card(not under savedata/extdata).

SD private data[edit]

The data under "/private/Nintendo 3DS/app/JKZJ/000" are equivalent to the the data the DSi application stores under "/private/...".

  • "!!.lst" Like the DSi application, this is "encrypted".
  • "<name>.kwz" Plaintext flipnote data. Example <name>: "cjcccccwcccccccanltthfjfaaan"

Flipnote file format[edit]

First little-endian word at offset 0x0 is 0x1448464B("KFH").

Going by the format of the DSi flipnotes, the last 0x100-bytes in the 3DS flipnotes appears to be a RSA-2048 signature(DSi flipnotes have a RSA-1024 signature).