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(April Fools)

There has been alot of tinkering with the 3DS since launch, and although there have been leaps and bounds due to the combined efforts of many, it has taken its toll on many of the contributors.

Reversing takes time and requires extreme concentration. Countless nights have been spent staring at ARM disassembly, dumping the bootrom, and poking around various hardware registers. Because of this, many of the contributors have developed a severe addiction to caffeine. Luckily, some have been able to avoid this destructive dependence by reversing everything in 2h btw.

One of the contributors however, who shall remain unnamed, has had even worse side effects of his hacking efforts. Caffeine has worked as a Gateway drug, leading him into a heavy dependence of stronger substances such as NDMA and ultimately weed. Brick by brick, his life is being ruined and we can only hope for his recovery. Because, in real life, there's no emunand.

To deal with this, we have decided to open a fundraiser. This fundraiser will help to deal with the costs of addiction, including the purchase of decaf coffeebeans and coffeemakers for our current and future contributors.

The Paypal page is no longer working.