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This page describes the structure of the .ctx files located at nand:/title/<titlepath>/00000000.ctx.


Offset Size Description
0x0 0x10 AESMAC over SHA256 of bytes 0x10..0x30
0x10 0x4 Magic "CTXT"
0x14 0x4 Value 0 usually?
0x18 0x4 Value 1 usually?
0x1C 0x4 Value 0 usually?
0x20 0x8 TitleID
0x28 0x4 Unknown u32
0x2C 0x1D4 All-zero
0x200 0x10 AES-MAC?
0x210 0x8 TitleID
0x218 0x4 contentID for contentindex0
0x21C 0x4 Unknown u32 for contentindex0
0x220 0x8 content-size for contentindex0
0x228 0x8 Usually zero?
0x230 0x3CC Usually 0xFF?
0x5FC 0x4 This has the same value as the u32 at 0x28.