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Index Word Description
0 Header code [0x006D0184]
1 Crypted ticket buffer length
2 256
3-4 u64, Title ID
5-6 u64, Ticket ID
7 (CryptedTicketBufferLength << 8) | 0x4
8 Crypted ticket buffer output pointer
9 (256 << 8) | 0x14
10 Wrapped AES key/IV buffer (size 256)


Index Word Description
0 Header code [0x006D00C1]
1 Result code
2 Output crypted ticket buffer length
3 Output wrapped AES key/IV length (should be 256)


This function gets a 32 byte buffer using the internal P9 PRNG function; first 16 bytes is used as AES-CBC key and last 16 bytes is used as IV.

Next, it searches through tickets looking for one with provided ticketID, returns 0xD8808040 if not found;

Next, it reads the ticket, 0x8000 bytes at a time, into a 0x8000-byte stack buffer, after each read that buffer is crypted using that randomly generated key/IV, then written into the first output buffer;

Finally, it encrypts the AES key/IV with RSA-2048 PKCS1; using a new public key stored in P9 .rodata; and writes the crypted output into the second output buffer.