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3DS Save DeEncrypter
TypePC utility

3DS Save DeEncrypter v1.4 released by Blite to Decrypt and encrypt 3DS gamesaves. Windows GUI used so no need for console commands.

v1.4 -Decryption now places "FF" into decrypted file incase of CRC checksum miscalculations. So now removed the need for backwards compatability with 3DS SaveTool by crediar. -Some people have said they needed a file to get the application running so added COMCTL32.OCX to archive for those people that need it. -Added an icon for aesthetics.

v1.3 -Added creation of EEPROM save Reset to restore Game cartridges to Factory default (e.g. 0xFF)

v1.2 -Major upgrade to the speed of the decryption/encryption. -Save File info added to FIle menu.

v1.1 -Conversion of decrypted files using 3DS Save DeEncrypter to those that 3DSaveTool will support

v1.0 -Works on all computers tested with so far, no issues with critical sections using MSVCR100.dll as it down't use it.

Tested on all games that i own and works. Encryption of files correctly binary compares with the origional encrypted file.

Down the line -CRC info in Save File info -Specific game save information: currently working on: - Resident Evil Mercenaries