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Today I bring news of 2 developer applications which I did not see in "3DS Development Unit Software" :

CecLotCheckTool and WM Test


Picture of WM Test (In DevMen)

CecLotCheckTool and WM Test tools do not appear to have an icon.

Info CecLotCheckTool :

First, you may wonder what "CEC" stands for. It means Chance Encounter Communication, AKA StreetPass. It is noted by lib that StreetPass is not possible between a dev unit and a retail system. CECLotCheckTool is used to check StreetPass info. Unfortunately, I only have 1 dev unit =p so I can't really do a whole lot with this, since it's only developer unit -> developer unit. I still think it's interesting though..

Info WM Test :

Unfortunately I do not have pictures of WM Test as it seems to freeze on my somewhat outdated rev although lib/sdk states it is a TWL program BUT lib states WM Test has 2 unique features :

It runs through DevMen in "TWL Compatibility" mode AND runs in "Noise mode"

And another unfortunate point to bring is I could not find so far information about these 2 modes, which is sort of a let down =/ but interesting that it notes those two things.

Are you Collosalpokemon from GBA Temp, because they look like his(or her) photos--3dsguy 02:54, 27 November 2011 (CET)

Also if you want to test streetpass between dev 3DSs, your best chance of doing this is at a nintendo public event where they are likly to have 3DS demos running on Dev 3DSs.--3dsguy 02:59, 27 November 2011 (CET)

Yes, that's why my pictures are the same. I thought I'd show some stuff that 3DBrew doesn't documented yet. Also I would avoid bringing this to a public event as this is my only copy of the developer 3ds, and if I was caught by a nintendo employee that wouldn't be great :p I came across an interesting format while digging through the lib, it wasn't even mentioned in nintendo's documentation lol so I'm still learning what it does exactly. I'll add my findings to the file format list here, just know it wasn't much yet--Xcution 03:50 27 November 2011

Well thanks for the info on CECLotcheckTool, you gave me enough to get me started on working out on what it does, you should see my findings on my 3DS Development Unit Software page soon. Also WM Test is a wireless test app, more info should also appear on my page soon.--3dsguy

Ah, right. WM Test was for wireless according to lib. Also I updated the format list with 3 formats noted in the compiler, but hidden from documentation. I also found 1 more format which I did not list yet, called OLS. It seems to be something similar to a CIA but I remember seeing it somewhere documented in the lib so I'm checking it out. Also, I've figured out the format of RSF so maybe I'll add that to 3DBrew documentations soon.--Xcution

Xcution, can you upload any files with an undocumented format (mentioned in File Formats) that we can document them successfuly? Maybe we are also able to find out their purpose.--Lazymarek9614 11:29, 27 November 2011 (CET)