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'''Main part of URL (interchangeable):<br>'''
http://["nus"(used for system stuff?)/"ccs"(used for games etc?)].cdn["."(only works if next one is set to "wii.com")/".t"/".c"/".wup"].shop.["wii.com"/"nintendo.net"/"nintendowifi.net"]/ccs/download/<br>
Combinations used by...:<br>
nustool - http://ccs.cdn.c.shop.nintendowifi.net/<br>
JNUSTool - http://ccs.cdn.wup.shop.nintendo.net/<br>
Wii/DSi NUS Downloader (DSi mode) - http://nus.cdn.t.shp.nintendowifi.net/
'''then:'''<br>[title id]
'''then one of these:'''<br>
tmd[.title version]<br>
Content ID (8 digit hex number)<br>
==eShop Metadata==
https://samurai.[ctr or wup].shop.nintendo.net/samurai/ws/<two-letter region code>/["titles" or "title/[eshop id]"]?limit=[limit]&offset=[offset]

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