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These are the same as the application's main CXI, except the ExeFS/RomFS only contains files which were updated. When loading NCCH data the system will load from the update-data title by default, and if the data doesn't exist in the update-data title the system will fall-back to using the data stored in the original application CXI. The programID stored in the NCCH header matches the NCCH titleID, however the programID stored in the exheader is set to the original application programID instead.


TitleID Low Region Description Versions
00022800 EUR StreetPass Mii Plaza [Update Data] v3 (v6160)
00030600 JPN Mario Kart 7 [Update Data] v1.1 (v1040)
00030700 EUR Mario Kart 7 [Update Data] v1.1 (v1040)
00030800 USA Mario Kart 7 [Update Data] v1.1 (v1040)
00032100 ? ? v1024, v2048
0004EE00 ? ? v1024
00072A00 ? ? v1040
00078500 ? ? v1024, v3072
0007A000 ? ? v1024