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The Nintendo 3DS utilizes a similar title-based organization as seen in the Wii and DSi platforms. The update server is located here. When using SSL, the update/shop servers must be accessed via SSLv3.

The organization of Title IDs has not been documented fully yet. Region info isn't stored in title IDs however there does appear to be evidence that the regions are sequential, similar to how Wii System Menu Updates are ordered: JPN USA EUR KOR and CHN (introduced with the DSi). 3DS has one additional region: TWN.

Note: The terms 'Title ID', 'Partition ID' and 'Media ID' are interchangeable.

The 3DS retrieves system tickets with SOAP request GetSystemCommonETicket, instead of directly downloading the cetk with HTTPS. The cetk is still accessible via HTTP, however 3DS doesn't use direct HTTP for this.


  • CCCC defines the console Platform (4=3DS, 3=DSi, 1=Wii)
  • ABCD defines the Content Category of the title, Demo, DLPChild, etc.
  • LLLLLL For CTR titles, this is the title's Unique ID. For TWL converted titles this is in two sections grouped as SSLLLL. SS is the old title identification used by the DSi and is made redundant by 'ABCD'. LLLL is the TWL title's 'Unique ID'. There are restrictions on the Unique ID, see below for more info.
  • RR This is the Title ID Variation, and has various uses.

Content Categories:

This u16 is a collection bit mask flag. Each Category is a group of one or more bit masks.

Specific Bitmask Flags:

Category Bitmask
Normal 0x0
DlpChild 0x1
Demo 0x2
Contents 0x3
AddOnContents 0x4
Patch 0x6
CannotExecution 0x8
System 0x10
RequireBatchUpdate 0x20
NotRequireUserApproval 0x40
NotRequireRightForMount 0x80
CanSkipConvertJumpId 0x100
TWL 0x8000
  • TWL Category bit mask are carried over from original TWL category bitmasks (ignoring bit mask 0x8000), so TWL system titles have the bitmask of 0x8001.
  • System titles (TWL and CTR) are eligible to be updated during a System Update.
  • Bit Mask 0x4000 appears to be reserved, as it renders the TWL and System bit masks useless.

Unique ID Restrictions:

For the CTR titles, there appears to be is a correlation between Unique IDs (UID) and 3DS 'title types'. For developer titles this is known(shown below), and retail titles *appear* to follow suite. It is unknown if this correlation is enforced on retail units, or if it is just for organisation purposes.

System 0x0 - 0x2FF
Application 0x300 - 0xF7FFF
Evaluation 0xF8000 -0xFFFFF
Prototype* 0xFF000 - 0xFF3FF

*On the home menu, titles with UIDs within the 'Prototype' range, appear on the home menu after install without the gift fanfare.

TitleID Variation:

This u8 allows enumeration of titles from the same category and unique ID. Common uses are explained below:

  • CTR System Titles: The 3DS has two copies of most modules/applets/archives for usage with either the NATIVE_FIRM or SAFE_MODE_FIRM. This is allowed for, by changing the title ID variation of the title to match the core version set by the FIRM it is designed to be used with:
02 System Title (Core version 0x2)
03 SAFE_MODE System Title (Core version 0x3)

Normally on retail SAFE_MODE ARM11 CXI titles can't be launched, since the system core version doesn't match the CXI exheader core version.

  • Only most non-Normal Applications are known to utilise Title ID variation, this is explained in their respective sections on this page.
  • Dev Menu installs CTR Applications with a TitleID variation of 0x02 to the CTR NAND.
  • Title ID variation is ignored for TWL titles, this value is carried over from the original TWL title ID and is used for region lock:


v## = 0xHHHH = 0bBBBBBBBB...

  • The version major,minor and micro can be extracted from the version number by converting the 16 bit number to binary
  • 6 bits : Major
  • 6 bits : Minor
  • 4 bits : Micro ('Build' in some contexts)
  • i.e. v2069 (Taken from 000400DB00017302) = 0b000010 000001 0101 means that the title version is v2.1.5. For reasons unknown, the CVer build, stored in the RomFS of the title, has always been zero (at time of writing), regardless of the CVer build in the TMD. So when predicting the firmware version, this should be taken into account.

NOTE: This Title list is a condensed version, only the System Titles lists are full lists. For a full list of titles on Nintendo's CDN, see here. The reports/title-lists from here are automatically obtained from the system update SOAP.

CTR System Titles

System Category Bit Mask(s) Category Bit Mask
Application (SYSTEM_APPLICATION) Normal|System 0x0010
System Data Archives (SYSTEM_CONTENT) Contents|CannotExecution|System 0x001B
Shared Data Archives (SHARED_CONTENT) Contents|CannotExecution|System|NotRequireRightForMount 0x009B
System Data Archives (AUTO_UPDATE_CONTENT) Contents|CannotExecution|System|NotRequireUserApproval|NotRequireRightForMount 0x00DB
Applet (APPLET) Normal|System|RequireBatchUpdate 0x0030
Module (BASE) Normal|System|RequireBatchUpdate|CanSkipConvertJumpId 0x0130
Firmware (FIRMWARE) Normal|CannotExecution|System|RequireBatchUpdate|CanSkipConvertJumpId 0x0138

00040010 - System Applications

The versions for CHN, KOR, and TWN are separate from the other regions.

JPN TIDLow USA TIDLow EUR TIDLow CHN TIDLow KOR TIDLow TWN TIDLow Description JPN Versions EUR Versions USA Versions CHN Versions KOR Versions TWN Versions Status
00020000 00021000 00022000 00026000 00027000 00028000 System Settings (mset) v0, v1027, v2060, v3074, v4097, v5127, v6157 v0, v1027, v2061, v3075, v4097, v5127, v6157 v0, v1027, v2062, v3078, v4098, v5128, v6157 v8, v1024, v2049, v3075 v1026, v2049, v4098 v8, v1024, v2050, v3074 Active
00020100 00021100 00022100 00026100 00027100 00028100 Download Play v0, v1026, v2051 Same as JPN Same as JPN v4 v1027 v4 Active
00020200 00021200 00022200 00026200 00027200 00028200 Activity Log v0, v1026, v2051 v0, v1026, v2054, v2064 Same as EUR v3 v2, v16 v2 Active
00020300 00021300 00022300 00026300 00027300 00028300 Health and Safety Information v0, v1024, v2050 v0, v1024, v2050, v3077 v0, v1026, v2051 v5 v2 v5 Active
00020400 00021400 00022400 00026400 00027400 00028400 Nintendo 3DS Camera v0, v16, v1038, v2048, v3073 v0, v16, v1039, v2048, v3073, v3088 v0, v16, v1039, v2048, v3074, v3088 v3 v2, v1040 v3 Active
00020500 00021500 00022500 00026500 00027500 00028500 Nintendo 3DS Sound v0, v1027, v2049, v3072, v3089 v0, v1027, v2049, v3072, v3088 v0, v1027, v2049, v3072, v3088 v2 v2, v16 v3 Active
00020700 00021700 00022700 00026700 00027700 00028700 Mii Maker v0, v1026, v2055 Same as JPN Same as JPN v1 v1, v16 v2 Active
00020800 00021800 00022800 00026800 00027800 00028800 StreetPass Mii Plaza v0, v1027, v2048, v3087, v4096, v5121 v0, v1027, v2048, v3087, v4096, v5122 v0, v1027, v2048, v3087, v4096, v5124, v5136 v0, v4096 v1, v4096, v5120 v1, v4096 Active
00020900 00021900 00022900 N/A 00027900 00028900 eShop (tiger) v4, v1026, v2057, v3081, v4096, v5123, v6146, v7169, v8206, v9231 v4, v1026, v2058, v3081, v4096, v5123, v6146, v7171, v8206, v9231 v4, v1026, v2058, v3081, v4096, v5123, v6146, v7170, v8206, v9231 N/A v3082, v4096, v5123, v6146, v7169, v8205, v9231 v4096, v5123, v6146, v7170, v8205, v9231 Active
00020A00 00021A00 00022A00 N/A 00027A00 00028A00 System Transfer (CARDBOAR) v4, v1035, v2050, v3074, v4109 v4, v1035, v2050, v3073, v4109 v4, v1035, v2051, v3073, v4109 N/A v2, v1025, v2061 v2, v1025, v2061 Active
00020B00 00021B00 00022B00 N/A N/A N/A Nintendo Zone v0, v1034 Same as JPN Same as JPN N/A N/A N/A Active
00020D00 00021D00 00022D00 00026D00 00027D00 00028D00 Face Raiders v0, v1028 v0, v1028, v1040 Same as EUR v0 v0 v2 Active
00020E00 00021E00 00022E00 00026E00 00027E00 00028E00 AR Games (AR_ACT) v0, v1026 v0, v1026, v1040 v0, v1027, v1040 v0 v0, v16 v1 Active
00020F00 00021F00 00022F00 00026F00 00027F00 00028F00 SAFE_MODE System Updater (mset) v0, v1024, v2049 v0, v1024, v2050 Same as JPN v1, v1026 v1 v1 Active
00023000 00024000 00025000 N/A N/A N/A Promotional video v0, v2048 Same as JPN Same as JPN N/A N/A N/A Stubbed
0002BF00 0002C000 0002C100 N/A N/A N/A act (Most likely Nintendo Network ID Settings) v14 Same as JPN Same as JPN N/A N/A N/A Active

The "act" application seems to use a web browser with webkit?

0004001B - System Data Archives

TitleID Low Description Versions
00010002 ClCertA v0
00010702 NS CFA v0, v1028, v2048, v3073
00010802 This CFA only contains a 1-byte "dummy.txt" in the RomFS, which contains '0'. v0
00018002 Same contents as 00010802. v14
00018102 This contains local web-browser data(html/js, gfx, etc) for the Miiverse Offline-mode. v11
00018202 This contains the webkit/OSS CROs used with the Miiverse applet and the "act" application. v7

00040030 - Applets

JPN TitleIDLow USA TitleIDLow EUR TitleIDLow Description Versions
00008102 00008102 00008102 Alternate menu N/A
00008202 00008F02 00009802 SYSMENU (menu) v0, v1029, v2049, v3075, v4111, v5131, v6146, v7172, v8198, v9230
00008402 00009002 00009902 Camera applet used by Home-menu (CtrApp) v0, v1036
00008502 00009102 00009A02 Not available on CDN ?
00008602 00009202 00009B02 Instruction Manual, application for displaying instruction manuals v0, v1026, v2048, v3072, v4097
00008702 00009302 00009C02 Game Notes (Cherry) v0, v1026, v2049, v3073
00008802 00009402 00009D02 Internet Browser (spider) v6, v1024, v2050, v3075, v3088
00008A02 00008A02 00008A02 ErrDisp v0, v1025, v2048, v3072, v4096, v5121
00008A03 00008A03 00008A03 SAFE_MODE ErrDisp v0
00008D02 00009602 00009F02 Friend List (friend) v0, v1026, v2051, v3082, v4099, v5120 (EUR v6, v1024, v3082, v4099, v5120)
00008E02 00009702 0000A002 Notifications (newslist) v0, v1029, v2054, v3075 (EUR v6, v1024, v2054, v3075)
0000C002 0000C802 0000D002 Software Keyboard (swkbd) v0, v1026, v2053, v3072
0000C003 0000C803 0000D003 Software Keyboard (swkbd) v0
0000C102 0000C902 0000D102 appletEd v0, v1026
0000C302 0000CB02 N/A PNOTE_AP v0, v1024
0000C402 0000CC02 N/A SNOTE_AP v0, v3
0000C502 0000C502 0000C502 error v0, v1026, v2053, v3074
0000C503 0000C503 0000C503 error v0
0000CD02 0000CD02 0000CD02 extrapad v1, v1026
0000C602 0000CE02 0000D602 mint (eShop related?) v5, v1028, v2050, v3072, v4109
? ? 0000D302 ? v0, v1024
? ? 0000D402 ? v3
0000BC02 0000BD02 0000BE02 olv (Miiverse applet) v14
0000F602 0000F602 0000F602 memolib v5

Most of these processes are applets. There can only be one application here(Home Menu, Internet Browser, Friend-List, etc) with programID-high 00040030 running at a time. When directly launching one of these 00040030 applications with Home Menu, the Home Menu process will terminate once the process is launched. When returning to Home Menu from that launched process, the Home Menu process is launched again.

The Miiverse applet seems to use a web browser with webkit.

0004009B - System Data Archives (Shared Archives)

JPN TitleIDLow USA TitleIDLow EUR TitleIDLow Description Versions
00010202 00010202 00010202 ? v0
00010302 00010302 00010302 ? v0, v2052
00010402 00010402 00010402 Mounted as "area:" v0, v1024, v2050, v3072, v4098
00010502 00010502 00010502 ? v0, v1024, v2048
00010602 00010602 00010602 ? v2
00011902 ? ? ? v0
? 00011402 ? ? v0
? 00011602 ? ? v0
? 00011D02 ? ? v0
? 00011E02 ? ? v0
? ? 00011202 ? v0
? ? 00011302 ? v0
? ? 00011502 ? v0
? ? 00011702 ? v0
? ? 00011802 ? v0
00011902 ? ? ? v0
? ? 00011B02 ? v0
? ? 00011C02 ? v0
? ? 00011D02 ? v0
? ? 00012102 ? v0, v1026, v2051, v3074
00012202 00012302 00012102 ? v1026, v2053, v3073, v4096, v5120, v6149
00013202 00013302 00013102 Mounted as "eula:" v0, v1024, v2049 USA: v1024, v2051, v3074
00014002 00014002 00014002 JPN/EUR/USA System Font ("font:") v0
00014102 00014102 00014102 CHN System Font ("font:") v0, v1024
00014202 00014202 00014202 KOR System Font ("font:") v0, v1024
00014302 00014302 00014302 TWN System Font ("font:") v0, v1024
00015202 00015302 00015102 Mounted as "rate:" v0 (EUR: v0, v1024)
? 00016302 ? ? v80
? 00017302 ? ? v3088

000400DB - System Data Archives

These NVer titleIDs can be found @ offset 0x320 in every CCI. The title version is likely used to determine whether a system update is needed, it's unknown whether this is involved with region-locking at all.

EUR TitleIDLow JPN TitleIDLow USA TitleIDLow CHN TitleIDLow KOR TitleIDLow TWN TitleIDLow Description USA/EUR/JPN Versions CHN Versions TWN Versions KOR Versions
00010302 00010302 00010302 00010302 00010302 00010302 NGWord bad word list v0, v1024, v2052, v3072, v4096, v5120 Same as USA Same as USA Same as USA
00010502 00010502 00010502 00010502 00010502 00010502 Nintendo Zone hotspot list v0, v1024, v2048, v3073, v4096, v5120, v6144, v7169, v8192, v9216, v10242 Same as USA Same as USA Same as USA
00016102 00016202 00016302 00016402 00016502 00016602 NVer v0, v16, v32, v48, v64, v80, v96, v112, v128, v144, v160, v176, non-USA=v192/USA=v192, v208, v224 v113, v128, v129 v114, v133, v134, v136, v144, v160 v113, v114, v133, v134, v136, v160, v176
00017102 00017202 00017302 00017402 00017502 00017602 CVer v1024, v1045, v2049, v2069, v3088, v4098, v4113, v4130, v4145, v4163, v4176, v5120, v5136, v6146, v6160, v6178, v6192, v7175, v7187 Same as USA Same as USA Same as USA

00040130 - System Modules

TitleID Low Description Versions
00001002 sm (Stored in NATIVE_FIRM) N/A
00001102 fs (Stored in NATIVE_FIRM) N/A
00001202 pm (Stored in NATIVE_FIRM) N/A
00001302 loader (Stored in NATIVE_FIRM) N/A
00001402 pxi (Stored in NATIVE_FIRM) N/A
00001502 AM ( Application Manager ) v0, v1026, v2053, v3072, v4098, v5120
00001503 AM v0
00001602 Camera v0, v1026, v2048, v3074, v4098, v5120, v6146
00001702 Config (cfg) v0, v1024, v2049, v4096, v5122, v6145, v7168, v8196
00001703 Config (cfg) v0
00001802 Codec v0, v1025, v2048, v3072, v4098, v5120
00001803 Codec v0
00001A02 DSP v0, v1024, v2048, v3074, v4096
00001A03 DSP v0
00001B02 GPIO v0, v1025
00001B03 GPIO v0
00001C02 GSP v0, v1040, v2049, v3075, v5120, v6145, v7168
00001C03 GSP v0
00001D02 HID (Human Interface Devices) v0, v1025, v2048, v3072, v4096, v5121
00001D03 HID v0
00001E02 i2c v0, v1024, v2049
00001E03 i2c v0
00001F02 MCU v0, v1026, v2048, v3072, v4102, v5122, v6145, v7168
00001F03 MCU v0
00002002 Microphone (mic) v0, v1025
00002102 PDN v0, v1025
00002103 PDN v0
00002202 PTM (Play time, pedometer, and battery manager) v0, v1026, v2048, v3075, v5120, v6146, v7168, v8192
00002203 PTM v0
00002302 spi v0, v1025, v2049
00002303 spi v0
00002402 Network manager (AC) v0, v1024, v2052, v3072, v4101, v5122, v6145
00002403 AC v0
00002602 Cecd (StreetPass) v0, v1026, v2048, v3073, v4097, v5122, v6144, v7170, v8193
00002702 CSND v0, v1025, v2048, v3073
00002703 CSND v0
00002802 dlp (Download Play) v0, v1026, v2048, v3078, v4099
00002902 http v0, v1026, v2049, v3072, v4099, v5122, v6145, v7171, v8192
00002903 http v0
00002A02 MP v0, v1025
00002A03 MP v0
00002B02 NDM v0, v1025, v2049, v3072, v4098
00002C02 NIM v0, v1028, v2055, v3074, v4100, v5120, v6148
00002C03 NIM v0
00002D02 NWM ( Low-level wifi manager ) v0, v1024, v2052, v3072, v4101, v5120, v6148, v7169
00002D03 NWM v0, v5120
00002E02 Sockets v0, v1024, v2053, v3075, v4096, v5121
00002E03 Sockets v0
00002F02 SSL v0, v1024, v2048, v3072, v4096, v5122
00002F03 SSL v0
00003102 PS ( Process Manager ) v0, v1025, v2049, v3072
00003103 PS v0
00003202 FriendsList (friends) v0, v1028, v2048, v3072, v4096, v5122, v6145
00003203 FriendsList (friends) v0
00003302 IR (Infrared) v0, v1026, v2048, v3072, v4096, v5121
00003303 IR v0
00003402 BOSS (SpotPass) v0, v1024, v2053, v3073, v4101, v5122, v6146, v7169, v8193, v9222
00003502 News (Notifications) v0, v1028, v2048, v3072, v4097
00003702 RO v0, v1024, v2049
00003802 act (handles Nintendo Network accounts) v1029, v2050
00008002 NS v0, v1028, v2048, v3077, v5121, v6148, v7168, v8193, v9216, v10248
00008003 NS v0

Once Home Menu finishes loading, all of the above system modules are running, except for MP and RO which are automatically loaded when a process requires them. When PM module terminates processes, it will check whether the processes listed as dependencies for this process are listed as dependencies for other processes. Any processes which are no longer listed in any processes dependencies lists are then terminated.

00040138 - System Firmware

NATIVE_FIRM and SAFE_MODE_FIRM for the initial versions are exactly the same, besides core-version fields. SAFE_MODE_FIRM is used for running SAFE_MODE titles, on retail SAFE_MODE_FIRM seems to be only used for running the System Updater application. When a GBA VC title is launched, AGB_FIRM is launched to handle running this title. GBA VC savegames stored under SD card /title/<TID>/data use a custom format, this is handled by AGB_FIRM.

TitleID Low Description Versions
00000002 NATIVE_FIRM (Native Firmware) v432, v1472, v2516, v3553, v4595, v5647, v6677, v7712, v8758, v9792, v10833, v11872, v12916
00000003 SAFE_MODE_FIRM v432, v5632
00000102 TWL_FIRM ( DSi Firmware ) v432, v1489, v2565, v4625, v5681, v6704, v7762, v8817
00000202 AGB_FIRM ( GBA Firmware ) v519, v2576, v3665

TWL System Titles

Content Category Bit Mask(s) Category Bit Mask
System Application TWL|0x1|0x4 0x8005
System Archive TWL|0x1|0x2|0x4|0x8 0x800F

Bitmask 0x1 for TWL titles determines whether the title will be updated during a System Update.

00048005 - System Applications

TitleID Low Region Description Versions Information
42383841(B88A) ALL DS Internet v0, v1025, v2048 DS Internet is the DSi-mode application launched by System Settings for setting TWL wifi configuration.
484E4441(HNDA) ALL Download Play v1024 This Download Play application is the DS-mode Download Play client, launched by the 3DS-mode Download Play application.
484E4443(HNDC) CHN Download Play v1024 See Above Description.
484E444B(HNDK) KOR Download Play v1024 See Above Description.

0004800F - System Data Archives

TitleID Low Description Versions
484E4841(HNHA) Nintendo DS Cart Whitelist v0, v1026, v2048, v3072, v4096, v5120, v6145, v7168, v8192, v9216, v10240, v11264
484E4C41(HNLA) Version Data v0

New system updates only block DS flash-cards when the above whitelist was updated, or when TWL_FIRM was updated. The whitelist contains the data used for detecting flash-cards, this is used by TWL_FIRM.

Application Titles

Content Category Bit Mask(s) Category Bit Mask
Application (eShop Title) Normal 0x0000
DLP Child DlpChild 0x0001
Demo Demo 0x0002
Patch CannotExecution|Patch 0x000E
Add-on Content (DLC) NotRequireRightForMount|CannotExecution|AddOnContents 0x008C

00040001 - Download Play Titles

This titleID-high/programID-high is used for the titles sent over Download Play. Only one 00040001 Download Play title is installed to NAND /title at a time. There can be a maximum of 255 Download Play child titles per Unique ID, indexed by Title ID Variation. The legal index range: 0x0 - 0xff.

TWL Application Titles

Content Category Bit Mask(s) Category Bit Mask
Application (DSiWare) TWL|0x4 0x8004

00048004 - DSiWare

Although these have a titleID high separate from DSi and a titleID is stored in the SRLs, the content of these SRLs are identical to DSi.

TitleID Low Region Description Versions
4B4B5456(KKTV) EUR Cut the Rope v0, v64
4B4E5256(KNRV) EUR A Little Bit of... Brain Training™: Maths Edition v0
4B5A4C56(KZLV) EUR Plants vs. Zombies™ v0
4B454256(KEBV) EUR ELECTROPLANKTON (Hanenbow) v0
4B513956(KQ9V) EUR Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition v0, v16
4B574256(KWBV) EUR Mario Calculator v0
4B574656(KWFV) EUR Mario Clock v0