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The Nintendo 3DS utilizes a similar title-based organization as seen in the Wii and DSi platforms. The same update server is being used as was with the DSi, however a new common key has been introduced.

The organization of Title IDs has not been documented fully yet.

Here are some confirmed Title IDs (from the first update):

00040010-00024000 - Promotional video
00040010-00025000 - Promotional video


00040130-00001C02 - Firmware 02_1C
00040130-00002402 - Firmware 02_24
00040130-00002D02 - Firmware 02_2D
00040130-00002E02 - Firmware 02_2E
00040130-00003402 - Firmware 02_34

00040138-00000002 - Home Menu