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Ticket Format 0[edit]

Offset Size Description
0x0 0x40 Issuer
0x40 0x3C ECC PublicKey
0x7C 0x1 Version
0x7D 0x1 CaCrlVersion
0x7E 0x1 SignerCrlVersion
0x7F 0x10 Encrypted TitleKey
0x8F 0x1 Reserved
0x90 0x8 TicketID
0x98 0x4 Ticket consoleID
0x9C 0x8 TitleID
0xA4 0x2 Systitle Access Mask
0xA6 0x2 Ticket title version
0xA8 0x4 AccessTitleId - Indicates which titles can access this title
0xAC 0x4 AccessTitleMask (Mask for AccessTitleId)
0xB0 0x1 License Type
0xB1 0x1 Ticket common key index, usually 0x1 for retail system titles.
0xB2 0x2F Reserved
0xE1 0x1 Audit
0xE2 0x40 Content Index
0x122 0x2 Reserved
0x124 0x40 Limits