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RO service "ldr:ro"

Command Header Available since system version Description
0x000100C2 2.0.0-2 Initialize
0x00020082 2.0.0-2 LoadCRR
0x00030042 2.0.0-2 UnloadCRR
0x000402C2 2.0.0-2 LoadCRO
0x000500C2 2.0.0-2 UnloadCRO
0x00060042 2.0.0-2 LinkCRO
0x00070042 2.0.0-2 UnlinkCRO
0x00080042 2.0.0-2 Shutdown
0x000902C2 7.2.0-17 LoadCRO_New

This service API is used for CTR "DLLs"/shared libraries: CRO.

Version history

Version Changes
v0 Initial version.
v1024 Removed access for SVC's: 5,7,D,E,10.

Cmd5 now sets the last segment in the CRO binary to R-X when it's done.

Maybe more.

v2049 No changes.
v3074 Added cmd9.
v4096 No changes.
v5120 No actual changes, just a rebuild with latest CTRSDK(only the CTRSDK version values in .code for ErrDisp were updated).