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PDN PTM Service "pdn:s"[edit]

Command Header Description
0x00010000 GetWakeStatus. This loads PDN_WAKE_ENABLE and PDN_WAKE_REASON, then writes them to cmdreplyword[2] and cmdreplyword[3].
0x00020080 ConfigureWakeEvents. PDN_WAKE_REASON = cmdword[2] & cmdword[1]. This then writes cmdword[1] to PDN_WAKE_ENABLE. PDN_WAKE_REASON = cmdword[2] & ~cmdword[1].
0x00030040 Acknowledge. Writes cmdword[1] to PDN_WAKE_REASON.

PDN DSP Service "pdn:d"[edit]

Command Header Description
0x000100C0 (bool enable, bool reset, bool deassertResetAfterReset) Enables and/or resets the DSP and/or holds it in reset

PDN I2S Service "pdn:i"[edit]

Command Header Description
0x00010040 This sets bit0 in PDN_I2S1_CNT to u8 cmd+4.
0x00020040 This sets bit1 in PDN_I2S2_CNT to u8 cmd+4.

Used by Codec Services.

PDN GSP service "pdn:g"[edit]

Command Header Description
0x000100C0 (bool enableClock, bool resetEngines, bool resetRegisters) Enables and/or resets the GPU, see PDN_GPU_CNT

PDN Camera Service "pdn:c"[edit]

Command Header Description
0x00010040 This sets bit0 in PDN_CAMERA_CNT to u8 cmd+4.
0x000200000 This writes PDN_CAMERA_CNT & 1 to u8 cmdreply+8.