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  • 22 July 16 Dazzozo released humblehax v2, supporting the Citizens of Earth update released on the eShop 3 days ago.
  • 20 July 16 plutoo (with help from Yellows8) released smilehax.
  • 19 July 16 An updated version of the EUR "Citizens of Earth" regular-title is now available on the EUR-eShop, ~2 months after being originally removed. Likewise for USA on the 21st.
  • 18 July 16 Smea updated the hosted *hax payload builds(only otherapp for non-KOR) and this page. KOR is now supported thanks to d3m3vilurr(system-version >=v9.6). All otherapp payloads were rebuilt+updated, hence these now include a commit for compression(committed by Yellows8 with compression code by mtheall). Due to this, oot3dhax+payload can now be installed with multiple other normal save-files, without any issues(via sploit_installer from the starter-kit). Yellows8 also updated the hosted boot.3dsx to hbmenu 1.1.1.