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For older news, see the news archive.


  • 7 July 16 MrNbaYoh released BASICSploit for version 3.2.1 of SmileBASIC. Currently only the US version is supported.
  • 26 June 16 Yellows8 released oot3dhax builds for supporting 11.0.0-33, via updated sploit_installer in the starter-kit and raw saveimages. Note that attempting to run sploit_installer on a 11.0.0-33 system with *hax payload <=v2.7 is equivalent to trying to use the older oot3dhax on that version.
  • 3 June 16 plutoo released freakyhax. The USA game was removed from the eShop <=3-hours later("... currently unavailable" message).
  • 9 May 16 Nintendo released system update 11.0.0-33.
  • 24 March 16 Nintendo updated the pages stored on the server used for browser-version-check. Due to almost all of the Old3DS/New3DS pages for non-latest-browser being updated(content is now "99999"), browser versions prior to 10.7.0-32 are not usable anymore without using the browser-version-check bypass(fixed with 10.7.0-32). The only exception is New3DS v10.2, it was "updated" but the content is still "0"(this is due to browser-version-check being broken with New3DS v10.2).