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This page describes a common FAT-like file system used in Savegames, Extdata and Title Database. This file system format has several variants depending on which kind of data it stores. All the three kinds of data that use this file system structure also happen to use the DISA and DIFF container as well, but there is no direct relationship between the file system and the DISA/DIFF container. All data formats described here is in the inner data of the DISA/DIFF container (i.e. IVFC level 4). Please refer to the DISA/DIFF page for how to unwrap it first before trying to extract the file system.


The file system consists of the following components:

  • header
  • directory hash table
  • file hash table
  • file allocation table
  • directory entry table
  • file entry table
  • data region

The file allocation table (FAT) forms several linked lists inside, each of which represents a "file" allocated in the data region. Please refer to the File Allocation Table section below for more detail. In some variants, the directory entry table and the file entry table are also allocated as two special "files" in the data region, managed by the FAT, while in others they are stand-alone tables located outside the data region.