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This is a list of libraries and tools that can be used to develop 3DS Homebrew.



Name Description Author Download Open-Source
ctrulib C library for writing user mode ARM11 code for the 3DS (CTR) smea et al. See here Yes
sf2dlib Simple and Fast 2D library for the Nintendo 3DS (using ctrulib) xerpi Here Yes
gl3ds OpenGL implementation for Nintendo 3DS using ctrulib Cruel et al. Here Yes
Caelina An OpenGL implementation for (N)3DS machinamentum Here Yes
libkhax Library for modifying kernel memory on a certain handheld game console. Myria et al. Here Yes


Name Description Author Download Open-Source
devkitARM GCC-based toolchain tuned for homebrew development for ARM-based consoles. WinterMute et al. See here Yes
aemstro Set of tools used to disassemble and assemble shader code for DMP's MAESTRO shader extension used in the 3DS's PICA200 GPU smea Here Yes
picasso Homebrew PICA200 shader assembler fincs Here Yes
nihstro 3DS shader assembler and disassembler neobrain Here Yes
3ds-cmake CMake files for devkitARM and 3DS homebrew development Lectem Here Yes
makerom Tool which can be used to create NCCH, CCI, and CIA files. 3dsguy maintained by profi200 Here Yes
bannertool Tool to create NCCH banners Steveice10 Here Yes
amiitool Tool to decrypt, encrypt and sign amiibo dumps socram8888 Here Yes