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Applications are installed by copying the necessary files directly to the 3ds/ folder in the root of the SD card, or in a subdirectory of 3ds/, in which case said subfolder must be named identically to its executable. Most applications come with two files:

  • [appname].3dsx: The executable.
  • [appname].smdh: The icon/metadata. (Not required in any case, and may be integrated into the .3dsx)
  • [appname].xml: The list of supported targets, i.e. installed titles which the app supports replacing in memory at runtime, thus inheriting its permissions. (Optional)

The Homebrew Launcher will scan the SD card for all .3dsx files, but will only display an icon for those who have one according to the format described above. Recent enough versions can freely navigate the filesystem to select an application.



Official Launcher

Name Description Author Download Open-Source
Homebrew Launcher Run homebrew on your 3DS! smea Here Yes
Homebrew Starter Pack Everything to get you started. smea Here Yes

Alternate Launchers

Name Description Author Install Open-Source Last Updated
Mashers' HBL Homebrew Launcher with grid and folder support. Mashers Here Yes 2016-02-25


Name Description Author Download Open-Source Last Updated
3DS HomeMenu extdata Tool Tool for accessing the SD extdata which Home Menu uses. This essentially allows writing custom themes to extdata which get loaded at Home Menu startup. yellows8 Here Yes 2015-08-17
3dsfetch Small 3DS version of a popular Linux ricing script called screenfetch. VideahGams Here Yes 2015-09-17
Brainfudge An alpha brainfuck interpreter. No longer under development and without repo. V0idst4r Here (legacy) Yes (No source officially available.) 2015-12-22
ctrrpc A small and easily extensible RPC server/client written in C/Python. Allows you to quickly poke service-commands and syscalls over Wi-Fi from a Python shell on your PC. Useful during reverse-engineering. No longer under (active) development? plutoo Build from repo Yes 2014-11-10
ctr-streaming-server A 3DS homebrew audio/video playback server. It can also send HID state to the client (see the README) when enabled. The included parse_hidstream tool can be used to parse that HID data to simulate keyboard/mouse input events, via Linux uinput. No longer under (active) development? yellows8 Build from repo Yes 2014-11-20
Custom Home Menu Manager 2 Theme manager for Nintendo 3DS. Rinnegatamante Here Yes 2016-07-04
DownloadMii A WIP repo-based online marketplace for homebrew applications & games. filfat Build from repo Yes 2015-11-24
Homebrew Browser Download homebrew from the internet! cromo, zeta0134 Here Yes 2015-10-07
fb43ds A simple 3DS Facebook chat client linoma Build from repo Yes 2015-04-07
for-anyone-who-walks-a-lot Tool to get past the 10 coin per day limit on earning Play Coins by walking. iamevn Here Yes 2016-03-26
ScreenInfo Identify whether New 3DS LCD panels are TN or IPS. SciresM Here Yes 2016-09-04

Game Engines

Name Description Author Download Open-Source Last Updated
LövePotion An unofficial WIP implementation of the LÖVE API for 3DS Homebrew. VideahGams Here Yes 2016-09-12
ctrµLua A Lua interpreter for 3DS, brought to life by the remnants of the µLua community. Firew0lf, Reuh, Negi Here Yes 2016-06-27
LuaPlayer+ 3DS First Lua interpreter 3DS homebrew, under Lua 5.3.1 Rinnegatamante Here Yes 2016-09-21
MegaZeux 3DS A port of the MegaZeux GCS to the 3DS. asie Here Yes 2016-10-30


Name Description Author Download Open-Source Last Updated
100 Boxes 2DS A remake of homebrew "100 Boxes puzzle" for DS and GBA. Cid2mizard Here No 2015-11-11
2048-3D A port of the popular game 2048 for the 3DS. Jasper Peters Here Yes 2016-02-12
3DSCraft A Minecraft port for the 3DS. No longer under (active) development? smea Build from repo (alt. here) Yes 2014-11-20
3DS Nyan Cat A port of Nyan Cat for the 3DS, using LIBSF2D. markwinap Build from repo (alt. here) Yes 2015-05-26
Antibounce "Move your player to bounce around and collect coins. Go between screens through the holes in the sides of the floor. 3D can also be enabled." TurtleP Here Yes 2015-12-23
checkers3ds A checkers game in glorious ASCII. No longer under development. UnsureSherlock Build from repo Yes 2016-02-25
Cookie Collector A tiny adaptation of the popular Cookie Clicker game for the 3DS. Kaisogen Here (alt. here) Yes 2016-03-30
Cookie Clicker 3DS A simple Cookie Clicker type of game inspired by Kaisogen's Cookie Collector TheMachinumps Here Yes 2016-08-27
DrawAttack Online multiplayer drawing game, like Pictionary. Cruel Here Yes 2016-04-17
EDuke3D An unofficial port of EDuke32 for the 3DS. MasterFeizz Here Yes 2016-05-09
Hamsters 2DS A text-based hamster breeding game. Cid2mizard Here No 2015-11-01
Helii A port of Helii for the 3DS. BHSPitMonkey Here Yes 2015-09-18
Insectoid Defense A Sci-Fi Tower Defense game. sgowen Here Yes 2015-11-09
NumberFucker3DS Simple math game, originally used as a debug game for LövePotion. VideahGams Here Yes 2015-09-19
Mastermind 3DS A port of Mastermind for the 3DS. Jasper Peters Here Yes 2015-08-15
Minesweeper 2DS A port of Minesweeper for the 3DS. Cid2mizard Here No 2015-11-01
One Whale Trip Five-lane underwater whale swimming/pearl pickup adventure game in Python. thp Here Yes 2016-10-02
Paddle Puffle 3DS A port of Paddle Puffle for the 3DS. Peanut42 Here Yes 2015-07-05
Pituka Classics Play CPC classics using Pituka Emulator-Core on 3DS. D_Skywalk Rick Dangerous Core Yes (core) 2016-02-26
Pixel Shuffle 2DS An adaptation of the puzzle game Pixel Shuffle for the 3DS. Cid2mizard Here No 2015-11-01
Pixel Swap 2DS An adaptation of puzzle games Pixel Swap 1 & 2 for the 3DS. Cid2mizard Here No 2015-11-01
Portal3DS An adaptation of Portal for the 3DS. smea Build from repo (alt. here) Yes 2015-08-18
ctrQuake An unofficial port of Quake for the 3DS, fully playable. MasterFeizz Here Yes 2016-09-16
Reversi Reversi for the 3DS. Jasper Peters Here Yes 2016-03-05
Sokoban An unofficial port of the puzzle game Sokoban for the 3DS. Landm Here Yes 2016-03-14
Space Fruit Hackathon game by 4 friends ported to 3DS. Asteroids but with fruit. TurtleP Here Yes 2016-04-09
Tappy Plane A port of Flappy Bird for 3DS, but with a colorful plane. sgowen Here Yes 2015-11-09
Tetrepetete 3DS A game with blocks. thp Here No 2016-06-29
TileMap 2DS An adaptation of the puzzle game TileMap for the 3DS. Cid2mizard Here No 2015-11-03
Tiles 2DS An adaptation of the puzzle game Lights Out for the 3DS. Cid2mizard Here No 2015-11-01
That Rabbit Game 3DS Inverse duck hunt with accelerometer input and stereoscopic 3D. thp Here No 2016-07-04
Trucmuche 2DS 09 An adaptation of the hidden objects game Trucmuche for the 3DS. Cid2mizard Here No 2015-12-03
World of 3DSand A port of World of Sand for the 3DS. Steveice10 Here Yes 2016-07-12
Yeti3DS A quick and dirty port of Derek Evans' Yeti3D software rendering engine. smea Build from repo Yes 2015-08-07


Name Description Author Download Open-Source Last Updated
3DNES A NES emulator, without sound support. No longer under development. st4rk, gdkChan Here Yes 2015-03-28
atari800-3DS An Atari 8-bit home computer emulator. asie Here Yes 2016-10-29
blargSnes A Super Nintendo (SNES) emulator. A compatibility list can be found here. StapleButter Here Yes 2015-06-12
CHIP-3DS A simple and slow CHIP-8 emulator. xerpi Build from repo (alt. here) Yes 2015-04-02
CHIP8-2DS CHIP-8 emulator with savestates and touch controls. nopy4869 Here Yes 2016-07-20
CitrAGB Yet another GBA emulator for the 3DS. Shiny Quagsire Build from repo (alt. here) Yes 2015-09-21
EasyRPG Player RPG Maker 2000/2003 interpreter Rinnegatamante & EasyRPG Team Here Yes 2016-10-14
GameYob A Game Boy (Color) emulator. A compatibility list can be found here. Drenn/Steveice10 Here Yes 2016-07-17
mGBA A GBA emulator that runs well without kernel hax. endrift Here Yes 2016-10-13
r3Ddragon A WIP Virtual Boy emulator for the 3DS based on Reality Boy / Red Dragon. mrdanielps Here Yes 2016-08-16
RetroArch A multisystem emulator. (GB, GBA, SNES, Genesis, CPS1, CPS2, etc.) libretro Here Yes Undergoing rapid development.
SNES9x for 3DS A SNES emulator for the old 3DS / 2DS. Optimised from Snes9x 1.43 and runs many games at full speed. Compatibility list here bubble2k16 Here Yes 2016-10-15

Title managers

Name Description Author Download Open-Source Last Updated
FBI Open source CIA (un)installer and launcher. Steveice10 Here Yes 2015-12-02
FBI 2 Multipurpose file/title/ticket/save manager Steveice10 Here Yes 2016-09-24
NASA Universal CIA Manager for FWs 4.1 - 10.7 Rinnegatamante Here No 2016-04-13

Save managers

Name Description Author Download Open-Source Last Updated
save_manager Proof of concept save exporter/importer profi200 Here Yes 2015-09-13
svdt Save Data Explorer/Manager meladroit Here Yes 2015-10-16
JK's Save Manager Save/Extdata Manager JK_ Here Yes 2016-09-29

File servers

Name Description Author Download Open-Source Last Updated
ftpd (ftBrony) A FTP server. mtheall Here Yes 2016-09-17
FTP-3DS Fork of ftBrony with a Nintendo theme. No longer under development and without repo. iamevn N/A Yes (No source officially available.) N/A
FTP - Graphic ModifierX Edition Fork of ftpd with aesthetic modifications. FloatingStar Here Yes 2016-01-27
ftpony A basic FTP server, useful for testing new homebrew versions without swapping the SD card. No longer under (active) development? smea Build from repo (alt. here) Yes 2014-11-24

Icon Packs

Icon Packs are SMDH Packs for homebrew apps.

Name Description Author Download Last Updated
Simplok The first 3DS Icon pack. link6155 Here 2015-09-12
1LP Another 3DS Icon pack. Repo is dead, no alternate downloads available. 100pcrack N/A 2015-12-22
Modern UI A simple icon pack with a flat and minimalist design. LouchDaishiteru Here 2016-02-15


Name Description Author Download Open-Source Last Updated
cubedemo A short demo of Homebrew on the 3DS, with working sound. plutoo Here No N/A
Spine 2D Demo of Spine's 2D skeletal animations Cruel 3DSX; CIA No N/A
demo ou mourir Small demo for the 3DS with music and 2D effects Desire Here No November 2015