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The Home Menu is the heart of the Nintendo 3DS. From there one can start games, channels, and manage contacts and settings. It is launched first, and working background with 3DS games, without System Settings or DS/DSi mode game.


Version JPN USA EUR Release date Changelog CDN Availability CDN Post Date
1.0.0-0 432 432 432 February 26, 2011 Shipped with 3DS on launch Available February 18, 2011
1.1.0-0 ? ? ? ? Update Included in Zelda OOT 3D Unavailable N\A
1.1.0-1 1472 1472 1472 February ?, 2011 General bug fixes

Added 3D Video title to menu. ("For a Limited Time Only")

Available March 1, 2011
2.0.0-2 2516 2516 2516 June 6/7, 2011 From the update notification:(DSiWare management isn't mentioned in the notice but is available) Nintendo eShop added, web browser available, System Transfer added. Full DSiWare data management available. Automatic system updates added. Available June 6 9:30PDT.
2.1.0-3 3553 3553 3553 June 15, 2011 Fixes the Ridge Racer freeze. Available June 15 8EDT.


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