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See also [[ARM11 Interrupts]].
See also [[ARM11 Interrupts]].
=Interrupts binded by modules=
=Interrupts bound by modules=
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Index Word Description
0 Header code [0x00090082]
1 u32, interrupt bitmask
2 s32, priority
3 Must be value 0x00000000, otherwise error 0xD9001830
4 Handle syncObject


Index Word Description
0 Header code
1 Result code


This binds an interrupt in gpio-module's interrupt ACL to the specified syncObject (using svcBindInterrupt).

Supported values

Bitmask Interrupt
0x2 0x63
0x4 0x60
0x8 0x64
0x10 0x66
0x40 0x68
0x80 0x69
0x100 0x6A
0x200 0x6B
0x400 0x6C
0x800 0x6D
0x1000 0x6E
0x2000 0x6F
0x4000 0x70
0x8000 0x71
0x10000 0x72
0x20000 0x73

See also ARM11 Interrupts.

Interrupts bound by modules

Module Bound interrupts (bitmask)
cdc 0x8
hid 0x100
ir 0x40
mcu 0x8000

See GPIO:BindInterrupt#Supported_values for the bitmask <-> IRQ number correspondence table.