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Offset Size Description
0x0 0x4 Magic "CRR0"
0x4 0x4 Reserved
0x8 0x4 Node 0 (Must be zero)
0xC 0x4 Node 1 (Must be zero)
0x10 0x4 Debug Info Offset
0x14 0x4 Debug Info Size
0x18 0x8 Reserved
0x20 0x4 UniqueID Mask
0x24 0x4 UniqueID Pattern
0x28 0x18 Reserved
0x40 0x100 RSA-2048 modulo
0x140 0x100 RSA-2048 signature signed by Nintendo, starting at offset 0x20 with size 0x120
0x240 0x100 RSA-2048 signature verified with the above modulo, over the data starting at 0x340 with the size from 0x358
0x340 0x4 Process UniqueID<<8, from the ProgramID
0x344 0x4 Size of the whole CRR0 file
0x348 0x8 Reserved
0x350 0x4 Hash-table Offset
0x354 0x4 Total hashes in the hash-table
0x358 0x4 Offset to the plain region containing text tags, from the process NCCH
0x35C 0x4 Size of plain region
0x360 SHA-256 hash-table

Each hash stored in the hash-table is over the corresponding executable CRO0 hash-table.

CRR0 files are usually stored under "romfs:/.crr/". The end of the file is aligned to a 0x1000-byte boundary with 0xCC bytes.