CONFIG9 Registers

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Old3DS Name Address Width Used by
Yes CFG_SYSPROT9 0x10000000 1 Boot9
Yes CFG_SYSPROT11 0x10000001 1 Boot9
Yes CFG_RST11 0x10000002 1 Boot9
Yes CFG_DEBUGUNIT 0x10000004 4
Yes ? 0x10000008 1 TwlProcess9
Yes CFG_CARDCONF 0x1000000C 2
Yes 0x10000010 1
Yes ? 0x10000011 1
Yes ? 0x10000012 2
Yes ? 0x10000014 2
Yes ? 0x10000020 2
Yes ? 0x10000100 2
No CFG_EXTMEMCNT9 0x10000200 1 NewKernel9
Yes CFG_BOOTENV 0x10010000 4
Yes CFG_UNITINFO 0x10010010 1 Process9
Yes CFG_TWLUNITINFO 0x10010014 1 Process9


CFG_SYSPROT9 is used to permanently disable certain security-sensitive ARM9 memory areas until the next hard reset.

Bit Description
0 Disables ARM9 bootrom(+0x8000) when set to 1. This register is oneshot.
1 Disables OTP area when set to 1. This register is oneshot.

On Old 3DS, NATIVE_FIRM reads CFG_SYSPROT9 to know whether it has previously initialized the TWL console-unique keys using the OTP data. After setting the TWL console-unique keys, NATIVE_FIRM sets CFG_SYSPROT9 bit 1 to disable the OTP area. In subsequent FIRM launches prior to the next reset, NATIVE_FIRM will see that the OTP area is disabled, and skip this step.

On New 3DS, the above is instead done by the Kernel9 loader. In addition to using the OTP data for initializing the TWL console-unique keys, the Kernel9 loader will generate the decryption key for NATIVE_FIRM. The final keyslot for NATIVE_FIRM is preserved, so that at a non-reset FIRM launch, the keyslot can be reused, since the OTP would then be inaccessible.

It is not possible to set any other bits.


ARM11 bootrom (+0x8000) is disabled by writing bit0. It is not possible to set any other bits. This register is oneshot.


ARM9 bootrom clears bit0, this probably makes ARM11 leave reset. This register is oneshot.


Bit Description
1-0 Gamecard active controller select (0=NTRCARD, 1=?, 2=CTRCARD1, 3=CTRCARD2)
8 ?

Depending on the gamecard controller that has been selected, one of the following gamecard registers will become active:

  • Selecting NTRCARD will activate the register space at 0x10164000.
  • Selecting CTRCARD1 will activate the register space at 0x10004000.
  • Selecting CTRCARD2 will activate the register space at 0x10005000.


When a gamecard isn't inserted, this register value is 0x01.


This register is New3DS-only. Only bit0 is writable: 0 = disable New3DS ARM9 memory at 0x08100000 size 0x80000, 1 = enable.

This bit is set by New3DS ARM9-kernel crt0.

The data in this extended memory doesn't change when disabling the memory, then re-enabling the memory. Reading this extended memory while disabled results in zeros.


Identical to PDN_MPCORE_CFG.


This register is used to determine what the previous running FIRM was. Its value is kept following an MCU reboot. Its initial value (on a cold boot) is 0. NATIVE_FIRM sets it to 1 on shutdown/FIRM launch. LGY FIRM writes value 3 here when launching a TWL title, and writes value 7 when launching an AGB title.

NATIVE_FIRM will only launch titles if this is not value 0, and will only save the AGB_FIRM savegame to SD if this is value 7.


This 8-bit register is value zero for retail, non-zero for dev/debug units.


In the console-unique TWL key-init/etc function the ARM9 copies the u8 value from REG_UNITINFO to this register.

This is also used by TWL_FIRM Process9.