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CECD Service "cecd:u"

Command Header Description
0x000100C2 ?
0x00030104 ?
0x00070106 ? (16*length+10 of CecMessage buffer in cmdbuff[9] (always 16*8+10), CecMessage* in cmdbuf[10])
0x00080102 ?
0x000900C2 ? (16*length+10 of CecMessage buffer in cmdbuff[4] (always 16*8+10), CecMessage* in cmdbuf[5])
0x000A00C4 ?
0x000B0040 ?
0x000C0040 ?
0x000D0082 ?
0x000E0000 ? (returns some kind of enum value in cmdbuf[2])
0x000F0000 ? (returns some kind of synchronizable handle in cmdbuf[3])
0x00100000 ?
0x00110104 ?
0x00120104 ?


Type Field
char[8] data


Type Field
CecMessage message
char[3200] icon
uchar16_t[64] title
char?[256] body
u32 unknown?
u32 padding/unknown?