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CBMD - CTR Banner Model Data

This page describes the format used for banners' models. These are stored in CXI ExeFS:/banner and optionally in extdata exbanner. CBMD is a container file for CGFX blocks. This is used for banners of titles you see in the home menu. BNR used for the app banners in the CXI/exbanner is the same as CBMD with CWAV at the end.

CBMD Header

Offset Length Description
0x0 0x4 Magic "CBMD"
0x4 0x4 Zero
0x8 0x4 Offset for common CGFX
0xc 0x34 Optional offsets for region/language specific CGFX
0x40 0x44 Padding?
0x84 0x4 CBMD Size

The common CGFX is used if the CGFX offset for the system region/language is zero. Those optional offsets can be used in extdata exbanner, but separate CBMD banner files for each region/language can be used as well.

Indexes for CGFX offset array

Index Description
0 EUR-English
1 EUR-French
2 EUR-German
3 EUR-Italian
4 EUR-Spanish
5 EUR-Dutch
6 EUR-Portuguese
7 EUR-Russian
8 JPN-Japanese
9 USA-English
10 USA-French
11 USA-Spanish
12 USA-Portuguese


CGFX are compressed using LZ11. For CXI banner CGFX, the decompressed size must be no larger than 0x80000.

Graphics containers. Contains: 3D Models, Shaders, Objects, Materials, Textures, etc.