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Index Word Description
0 Header code [0x000600C2]
1 Unknown, usually 0xFE?
2 Size
3 BlkID
4 (Size<<4) | 12
5 Output buffer ptr


Index Word Description
0 Header code
1 Result code


This returns NNID account info.


(if not explicitly noted, all blocks below are accessible with param[1]=0xFE)

BlkID Size Description
0x5 0x4 Persistent ID
0x6 0x8 Transferable ID Base
0x7 0x60 Mii Data
0x8 0x11 ASCII NUL-terminated Nintendo Network ID
0xA 0x4 Birthday {u16 year; u8 month; u8 day;}
0xB 0x3 ASCII NUL-terminated Country Name
0xC 0x4 Principal ID
0xE 0x1 ?
0xF 0x1 ?
0x11 0xA0 ? (Contains TransferableIdBase and Mii data, etc.)
0x12 0x4 ?
0x13 0x1 Gender
0x14 0x1 ?
0x15 0x11 ASCII NUL-terminated Nintendo Network ID?
0x16 0x1 ?
0x17 0x4 ?
0x19 0x8 UTC offset
0x1A 0x1 ?
0x1B 0x16 (NUL-terminated?) UTF-16 machine username? or mii name?
0x1C 0x11 ?
0x1D 0x1 ?
0x1E 0x41 ASCII Time Zone Location
0x1F 0x1 ?
0x20 0x1 ?
0x24 0x1 ?
0x25 0x101 ASCII NUL-terminated URL to account mii image
0x26 0x4 Principle ID?
0x27 0x4 ?
0x28 0x24 ?
0x2B 0x1 ?
0x2C 0x2 Age (Not accessible with param[1] = 0xFE)
0x2D 0x1 ?
0x2E 0x1 ?
0x2F 0x4 CountryInfo