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3DBrew.org is a website devoted to hacking and documenting Nintendo's 3DS portable video game console. Information found on this website is found through legal reverse engineering (both in the hardware and software sense) and publicly available information.

This website can be edited by anyone who registers an account on this website. Because of this, this website cannot be held responsible for information submitted by users, as it is impossible to fully monitor information that is submitted to this website. If information is found to infringe copyright, or IP (Intellectual Property) laws, etc., it must be removed and reported to a site administrator immediately.

  • このウェブサイトに掲載されている情報は、10名以上のユーザーの賛成なしで逐次刊行物には掲載しないでください。また、誤りのある情報を掲載しないよう、事前にその内容を知らせること。

NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements)

NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) are legal agreements issued to companies and individuals who request information from another company(s) or individual(s). These agreements state what information you can and cannot disclose to people who are and aren't under the same NDA, in exchange for you being given such private information. Disclosing any of this information on this website, other websites, to other people(s) or another company(s) is a violation of the agreement and therefore illegal.

For this reason, information you have obtained via an NDA, and/or from someone(s) or a company(s) who have signed an NDA, etc., cannot be disclosed on this website. Please refrain from doing so. Any information found to have been from a source where the supplier has signed an NDA, or has been indirectly obtained from someone(s) or some company(s) who have signed an NDA, will be removed.


Information on this website should not infringe on the copyrights of any company(s) or person(s), including, but not limited to Nintendo Co., Ltd., Digital Media Professionals (DMP) Inc., any of their affiliated companies or persons, etc. Any information found to infringe any copyrights, intellectual property(s) (IP), NDAs (non-disclosure agreements), etc., must be removed and reported to a site administrator immediately.

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