PXI Registers

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Old3DS Name Address Width Used by
Yes PXI_SYNC9 0x10008000 4 Boot9, Process9
Yes PXI_CNT9 0x10008004 2 Boot9, Process9
Yes PXI_SEND9 0x10008008 4
Yes PXI_RECV9 0x1000800C 4
Yes PXI_SYNC11 0x10163000 4 Boot11
Yes PXI_CNT11 0x10163004 2 Boot11
Yes PXI_SEND11 0x10163008 4
Yes PXI_RECV11 0x1016300C 4

The PXI registers are similar to those on DS.


Bit RW Description
0-7 R Data received from remote bits 8-15 (unrelated to SEND/RECV FIFOs)
8-15 R/W Data sent to remote bits 0-7
23 ? ?
29 W? Trigger PXI_SYNC11 IRQ (if enabled)
30 W? Trigger PXI_SYNC9 IRQ (if enabled)
31 RW PXI_SYNC IRQ enable (for local processor)

This can also be accessed as 4 u8 registers.


Bit RW Description
0 R Send Fifo Empty Status (0=Not Empty, 1=Empty)
1 R Send Fifo Full Status (0=Not Full, 1=Full)
2 R/W Send Fifo Empty IRQ (0=Disable, 1=Enable)
3 W Send Fifo Clear (0=Nothing, 1=Flush Send Fifo)
8 R Receive Fifo Empty (0=Not Empty, 1=Empty)
9 R Receive Fifo Full (0=Not Full, 1=Full)
10 R/W Receive Fifo Not Empty IRQ (0=Disable, 1=Enable)
14 R/W Error, Read Empty/Send Full (0=No Error, 1=Error/Acknowledge)
15 R/W Enable Send/Receive Fifo (0=Disable, 1=Enable)