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Official Changelog[edit]

  • "Users will no longer need to close the Nintendo eShop application to ensure the "Download Later" feature works while the Nintendo 3DS is in Sleep Mode."
  • "Other improvements to usability have been made, including the ability to download software update data in the background."
  • "Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience."

Update Failure[edit]

In some cases the system failed to install the updated NATIVE_FIRM to the NAND FIRM partitions, thus the system still booted from the previous version of the FIRM stored in the NAND partition which was not written to. This then caused launching the updated System Settings and eShop applications mentioned below to fail, since application CXIs built with the updated CTR-SDK moved the logo data from the ExeFS to a separate NCCH section.

This update failure was fixed with 5.1.0-11. When this FIRM install fails with this update the System Updater is still accessible via the UPDATEFLAG PAD button-combo, since the System Updater title was not yet updated when the FIRM install failed.


System Settings, System Transfer, and eShop (including the mint applet) were updated.

Home Menu, Game Notes, Instruction Manual, ErrDisp, and Internet Browser were updated. ErrDisp now displays more debug info on dev/debug units, including what exactly triggered a data/prefetch abort etc.

System Modules[edit]

All system modules were updated.

NATIVE_FIRM and other titles[edit]

NATIVE_FIRM and the whitelist were updated. NGWord and the NZone hotspots title were updated as well.

Multiple NATIVE_FIRM vulnerabilities were fixed, this includes all known Process9 PXI-service code execution vulns at the time when the update was released. These were vulns in Process9 PXI services, the ARM11-kernel flaws which were fixed do not allow ARM11 kernel-mode code-execution. The system does not delete/block 3DS savegame haxx at all with this update, however the code execution haxx used by this was fixed.

The system can now optionally load the CXI logo from a cleartext region in the CXI instead of from ExeFS. NATIVE_FIRM versions prior to 5.0.0-11 can't access the logo data in applications built since 5.0.0-11. Therefore regardless of gamecard system-updates, applications built since 5.0.0-11 can only be run with the 5.0.0-11+ NATIVE_FIRM. Note that only home menu seems to use the NCCH logo data, system modules like NS don't use the logo data.

A new command was added for AMPXI.