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This tool available from the eShop allows transferring savegames from the gamecard to the eShop version of the game installed on SD card. This tool only supports using a gamecard for the source and the SD version for the destination. The files stored in the original gamecard savegame are deleted once the transfer is finished.

Each time the tool is loaded, the tool downloads the blacklist of titles which can't have savegames transferred, to extdata with SpotPass. The content payload for this may contain hashes.

Transfer implementation

The transfer is done by using dedicated savedata-transfer FSUSER commands: this app doesn't use any of the regular-savedata archives for accessing savedata which isn't for the current process.


The ExtData File System for Save Data Transfer Tool is as follows:

├── icon
├── boss
│   └── FGONLYT00.tmp
└── user
File Details Size FW Introduced Plaintext
icon Duplicated from application ExeFS. Always image 00000002. 0x36c0 Bytes n/a Download
FGONLYT00.tmp Where the data from fairy_bl.lrc is stored 0x21c Bytes 5.0.0-11