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本页介绍 Cfg NAND [游戏存档]的格式.这些块可以通过CFG服务命令来访问。

存档文件 "/config" 的结构

偏移 长度 说明
0x0 0x2 总入口
0x2 0x2 ?
0x4 0x4558 块入口
0x455C 入口数据

/config文件的大小为 0x8000 byte


偏移 大小 说明
0x0 0x4 BlkID
0x4 0x4 Offset to the data for this block when size is >4, otherwise this word is the data for this block.
0x8 0x2 Size
0xA 0x2 Flags

Configuration blocks

BlkID Size Flags Description
0x00090000 0x8 0x2? This contains a u64 ID, used by processes using NWMUDS:Initialize. The first word is the same as LocalFriendCodeSeed, while the latter is a separate random word.
0x00090001 0x8 0xE This console-unique u64 used by GenHashConsoleUnique is generated with the LocalFriendCodeSeed and with random data.
0x000A0000 0x1C 0xE See below.
0x000A0002 0x1 0xA Language
0x000B0000 0x4 0x8 CountryInfo
0x000F0000 0x10 0x8? Unknown, used by NS on dev-units for svcKernelSetState, where Type is 6.
0x00110000 0x4 ? The low u16 indicates whether the system setup is required, such as when the system is booted for the first time or after doing a System Format: 0 = setup required, non-zero = no setup required.
0x00110001 0x8 0xA? TitleID of the menu to launch, used by NS on dev units. (This block can be edited on dev units with Config)

The dev unit TID block only exists on dev units.


ID 说明
0 ja
1 en
2 fr
3 de
4 it
5 es
6 zh
7 ko
8 nl
9 pt
10 ru


Byte 说明
0 ?
1 ?
2 ?
3 国家代码,和DSi/Wii国家代码相同.值为0xff时无效.

0x000A0000 Block

Byte 说明
0x0-0x13 UTF-16 username, with no NULL-terminator.
0x14-17 通常为0?
0x18-0x1B ?