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= Application Manager network service "am:net" =
= Application Manager network service "am:net" =
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Application Manager network service "am:net"

Command Header Description
0x00010040 TitleIDListGetTotal
0x00020082 GetTitleIDList
0x00030084 ListTitles
0x00080000 TitleIDListGetTotal3
0x00090082 GetTitleIDList3
0x000A0000 GetDeviceID
0x000D0084 ListTitles2
0x00140040 FinishInstallToMedia
0x00230080 TitleIDListGetTotal2
0x002400C2 GetTitleIDList2
0x04120000 Retrieves a handle?
0x08010000 OpenTicket
0x08020002 TicketAbortInstall
0x08030002 TicketFinalizeInstall
0x08040100 InstallTitleBegin
0x08050000 InstallTitleAbort
0x080600C0 InstallTitleResume
0x08070000 InstallTitleAbortTMD
0x08080000 InstallTitleFinish
0x080A0000 OpenTMD
0x080B0002 TMDAbortInstall
0x080C0042 TMDFinalizeInstall
0x080E0040 OpenContentCreate
0x080F0002 ContentAbortInstall
0x08100040 OpenContentResume
0x08120002 ContentFinalizeInstall
0x08130000 GetTotalContents
0x08140042 GetContentIndexes
0x08150044 GetContentsInfo
0x08190108 Tickets installation related?
0x081B00C2 InstallTitlesFinish

File service

Command Header Description
0x080200C2 Read
0x08030102 Write
0x08040000 GetSize
0x08050080 SetSize
0x08080000 Close

These are identical to FSFile.