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Index Word Description
0 Header code [0x000D0080]
1 AppID
2 Parameter Size (max is 0x1000)

The following is located 0x100-bytes after the beginning of the above command buffer, as a static buffer descriptor receiving the static buffer in the response:

Index Word Description
0 (Parameter Size << 14) | 2
1 void*, Parameter Output


Index Word Description
0 Header code [0x000D0104]
1 Result code
2 Sender AppID
3 Command
4 Actual Parameter Size
5 0x10 (Move handle descriptor)
6 Handle Parameter
7 (Actual Parameter Size << 14) | 2 (static buffer descriptor)
8 void*, Parameter to send


This returns the current parameter data from NS state, from the source process which set the parameters. Once finished, NS will clear a flag in the NS state so that this command will return an error if this command is used again if parameters were not set again. This is called when the second APT:Initialize event is triggered. It returns a signal type indicating why it was triggered.